I’ve just finished three comics in London. They are free to view here (secretly). Recent Work, up top ^ .


A sketch of my work. Done ‘en plein air‘ (well, kitchen air) with biro on the back of a cut-up menu. Lets just say it was a slow service that night.

Also, take a look at the Recent Work page. There is a new comic.

I recently went to San Francisco with my family. We stayed in Tam Valley, below Mill Valley, in Marin County. It was a holiday full of way more surreal experiences than could possibly be expected. Right from day one I noticed a theme – this place was like every cutesy kids book rolled into one. As a kids book enthusiast, I was expecting Little Bear or Franklin the Turtle to pop out of next door and offer to fly kites with me while his mother went to Pilates. Even the trees grew as if they were charming watercolor paintings.

I found myself in some dudes house. He had, like, a million trillion dollars because it looked like a Thunderbirds set. You could open the whole dining/kitchen area out to the elements with giant sliding glass panels that made no sound when they moved. Next to it was a large blue pool.

Every little shopping area had Pilates and Yoga studios. And they were all packed. Every piece of food I ate told me exactly how many calories it had in it. I reckon I put on a rebellious two kilos just to show that I didn’t give a shit. Massive spike in brownie consumption sir! Dear God.     Sir, I believe this is the work of just one man. God help his Cholesterol.

I really enjoyed that holiday. I met really awesome people and got opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamed of. Thanks to all.

So, yes Pixar employees, I do update my blog. See. doing it right now. No there was no 15 month gap or anything.


I call this: Thigh gap workout complete and Woman powerwalking her dog.

This work I made spur of the moment after watching 3 Sport. Rather than update us on how the English Premier League went, an NRL player was caught doing something naughty and no-one knows why. All we do know is that ‘good on ya mate!’ was uttered in Woodstock Bourbon breath at many a TV set. This one is for my Aussie cousins, who tell it like it is. I love it.

NRL (for Aus cuzzies)

This first piece is another birthday card, just like the little book in the last post. This is for my father, a veteran crazy cyclist. He has seen pretty much all the murderous New Zealand asphalt has to offer during his many thousand kilometer long career. I just translated his tales down to comic pen and paper. It exists in the Kiwi storybook world I created at Uni (all of which is in the Recent Work section above).







But what is species #6? I guess we’ll find out later, when my father turns fifty something more than last year.


LW Page 1


LW Page 2


LW Page 3


LW Page 4


LW Page 5


LW Page 6


LW Page 7


LW Page 8


LW Page 9


LW Page 10


LW Page 11


LW Page 12


LW Page 13


LW Page 14

Here is 1 1/2 years worth of work.

Possum farmer


No seriously, up the top – a whole page of maybe a third of it.


New comic is finally on digital computery pixels. Apologize in advance to those with handheld devices capable of internets for the size of the file, but maybe they are getting stronger, and their death grip around your enslaved hands strengthens. Buzz buzz! Pick me up you insignificant fool, engage in the world when I command you to! I’ve just seen Lord of the Rings for the millionth time: the correlations between iPhone and the plantirs Sauron used to corrupt Saruman and the steward of Gondor are uncanny.

I saw the Hobbit in 3D.

Up until now I had always been able to clearly read the line of smallest letters at the bottom of any eye test. However, the Hobbit made me doubt my own eyes. I couldn’t see anything.

I’m not going to pretend that I know how that tech works, but it appeared to do this: When you look at a landscape, any landscape, with say, a river snaking up through a mountain valley, your eyes can pick where they want to illuminate. If you study the river water, the mountain and its details fuzz out. If you study the mountain peak, the foreground trees and river fuzz out. With the 3D, it appeared that the digital effects team were forcefully deciding which part of the image on screen I should be focusing on, and blurring out everything else. They were not just directing my eye by controlling the exact window of vision (i.e. the camera shot) but they were being my eye. Like some ADD parrot…

“Squawk – Look at this! Look at this! Look at his nose! Now to Gandalf, forget the right of the screen, it’s not important…”

I doubted my eyes because whenever I looked at what I wanted to look at, say a nice little background or a skirmish off centre, the 3D blurred it out. The thing is, my eyes are good, if I wanted to look at that part, they would’ve adjusted and it would’ve come into focus. Instead I’m given the illusion that I have vision impairment, because despite my eyes doing their thing, it stayed blurry.

Despite being blind the entire time I enjoyed the film. It was paced well and had everything you’d want in a Middle earth adventure.

WTF Mountain golems. Trolls that support Chelsea football club. A band of characters so numerous that the script writer probably wanted to exhume Tolkein and punch him in the face. Goblin King that supports Chelsea football club. Some random pale Orc that put his hand up and said “I’ll be antagonist for this one!” To which Smaug and Sauron decided to hit the pub. A necromancer that made anyone who had played fantasy RPG video games laugh (clearly a low level enemy). A brown wizard who hangs out with Ewoks and Jar Jar binks in his spare time. An awesome Gollum scene. Ring Wraiths, when Bilbo put on the ring, had this conversation whilst at the Mordor pub, “Hey, isn’t that the ring?” “No, no, I mean yes,” “Can’t be stuffed ay”  “we could just not tell him…” “sweet” “another round?” And Elves, who talk dramatically and do little.





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