Welcome to the arty page. I am currently studying Fine Arts at Massey University in Wellington, NZ. A lot of what I study in this degree has influenced the comics and vice versa. I have just completed my third year of four in the degree. The project that dominated the last semester of this year has taken me on a totally new tangent on how I approach art in general.

This page is where I will put my Fine Arts projects. Finally there will no longer be a divide between my two art interests on this blog!

I’ll start with the writing.

Final wall text – A small direct piece that sat next to the pencil drawings

DISNEY ESSAY – A critical piece done for a research project. Around 3000 words: a relatively heavy read

Artist’s statement – A smaller piece, written in a more personal style

And now the drawing.

A Young Deers Journey to Staghood – a 9 part piece mixing Disney’s Bambi and New Zealand culture.

Great Stags – a 3 part piece mixing Bambi and great New Zealand heroes – the Great Princes of our forest?

My drawings continued to mix Disney with varying things. I branched out and got a bit more savage. I began to realize similarities between Disney’s portrayals of sex and power and the music industry, especially mainstream hip hop and rap. I began to play with the negative renditions of certain races and genders in Disney films. I focused specifically on Kanye West and his collaborators on the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because of the way they parody and heighten race issues, sex, power, beauty and money.

Maid Marihanna – remix of Disney’s Maid Marian (Robin Hood) and Rihanna (on K. West – All of the Lights)

Shenzi Minaj – remix of Disney’s Shenzi (The Lion King – Whoopi Goldberg) and Nicki Minaj (on K. West – Monster & Dark Fantasy)

Runaway – remix of above through the lens of masculinity. Men are also passive dancers in Disney’s world, generally powerful only because of their strength, handsomeness and sex appeal.

Power – remix of above and the final scene of Bambi where he surveys his new kingdom as the newly appointed Great Prince. The perfect man in nature. (very large file – patience needed. Both of these two large drawings were originally A2 size (594 by 420 mm)).

Performance Images:Performance 1 – 3Performance 4 – 6Performance 7 – 9 or in post #24, The Performance Bit (October 31st – fittingly on Halloween)