Teen Wolves 1 – Alex

Teen Wolves 2 – Marcus

Teen Wolves 3 – Hywel

Three recent comics


Here’s a comic I did some time ago. I’m not sure when. I initially planned and scripted this as a whole graphic novel. It would have been around 300 – 400 pages long so I piked on it, sensibly I feel. It is in the same world as the Big Bad Wolf comic I did, which is on another page of this site. The twist ending would have linked the two stories together. Despite this story being incomplete, I revisited recently what I had done and found it made a really nice short piece.

Jackie From Hauraki – it’s a big file, but not worth splitting.




The work of my last year at University. Fan Zines, Art Books, Comics in pitch form.

What is New Zealand culture? As a young person, what is my tribe? What are my stories? What is drawn on the cave ceiling? As far as I could see – an apprehensive nothing. Fleeing ancestors marooned on a blustery pair of islands. That’s cool. It allowed me the opportunity to write something to fill the void.

Introduced Species 1 – New Zealand social commentaryIntroduced Species

Introduced Species 2 – More New Zealand social commentary

When it rains...

Kiwi Blokes Only – A fan zine about kiwi men – read up pansies

Ferret bogan

Blue Lagoon  – New Zealand from a car window

NZ road 6

And here are some fun things. This will be the final resting place of the comics series that is the majority of my blog pages. I finally have a name for it all – Away.

AWAY – a pitch for a sci-fi story

World reflected on alien's face

DOG – a pitch for a new myth

Teenage Anubis

Callum Robertson – For Pixar Internship application (just DOG and AWAY combined into one file)