From the link at the bottom you can view the entire comic as a PDF document in you browser.

This file is open to the world so I am relying on people not to be douchebags and steal it for nefarious purposes. If you like it, that’s great. Feel free to show it to all your friends. It does contain some bad language (the f-word, but no worse) so bear that in mind if showing it to a younger person. The alien has a foul mouth.

These are all episodes I created in a series of comic books centred around Hector the human and his alien adventure.

1 – An Alien Arrives

2 – Atacama

3 – Breakdown

4 – Exotic Pets

5 – Alone In The Dark

6 – Go Home Stay Home

Old work now. Lots changed since then. Kind of like an awkward school photo. I did this instead of having a social life.