And I’m back, some 14 years since my last post. I was cryogenically frozen. I was lost in the Congo. I stowed away in the Curiosity rover.

I don’t expect these excuses to work. The real excuse is the Lull. The Lull is a rather awful time where the most boring thing you can think of is drawing comics. I tried to finish Issue 6 in a two week break mid Uni semester. It was too much. I ODed on comic drawing, and haven’t recovered too well.

The Lull sucks but my rehab has been one of the most awesome Uni semesters ever. My hand in is in 7 days. Over that time I will post all of the work I’ve done whilst comics have withered. There are three pieces of writing, three videos, 16 drawings, and a performance work.

I explored themes of masculinity. I tackle the powerful and confusing bombardment of information about what being a ‘real’ man means. I looked into three major influences that scream this stuff out.

1.) American films – In particular the Disney animated pictures. Their animal films have always influenced my work.

2.) American music – I focused on a single, fascinating Kanye West album.

3.) New Zealand bloke culture.