The process for creating Hector’s journey into a disappointingly familiar yet frightening world is a personal journey. The journey I take myself through mirrors the journey I put Hector through. As he takes in all Atacama and the alien world throws at him he reacts in a single moment. As I draft up the story I do not plan more than a few pages ahead in great detail. The passages Hector writes to his personal diary, Blake, I write once and stick onto the page. Once it is down I do not often read them again. My stream of writing is a single moment, written when I have the luxury of time to spend on comics. It reflects what is going on at any single time in my own journey, how I feel Hector will react at that precise moment. I understand that the crisp, beautiful refinement we are used to seeing in sci-fi is lost a little bit because of this spontaneous writing and limited future planning. This is ideal, as the entire story is a ‘clumsy’ sci-fi, where the amazing and the banal happen side by side in no particular order.

I start with scribbling the rough script for the next 3 pages I intend to draw.

Then I draw it in pencil one to one scale.

Then I go over that in waterproof pen.

Finally, to give depth, I add indian ink. I have to add water to achieve the exact grey I’m looking for.

The pages you see here are from issue 6, which is ages away from completion. What. At least I’m honest.