I’m not sure whether this was posted with the intention to be ironic or not. I find it interesting. I have been ragging on sci-fi and punishment and alien violence in a very oppositional way in the last few posts. However, because I enjoy a good argument, and an argument needs two sides, I will cease ragging and work through this little gem step by step.

I enjoy negotiating. This is different to opposing what something is saying. It is also different to agreeing with what something is saying. One theory article that quelled my hatred of Critical Studies at University was Stuart Hall’s ‘Encoding/Decoding.’ Seriously recommend it, give it a go. Negotiating, in Halls words, “contains a mixture of adaptive and oppositional elements.” You neither agree or disagree outright. You kind of do both to reach a personal understanding of whatever messages you read.

So I will negotiate with this thing. I will deal with each of its points individually.

1 and 2) Dealt with in next post

3) Not really, no. In history, if you screwed up and died, you died. That was generally it. No checkpoints or extra lives.

4) Already knew English. However this could be legit for a speaker of another language. Most games are made in English speaking countries.

5) I reckon this is good. Having a friend kick ass with you is a good feeling.

6) Again, no bad thing. However the consequences of game failure aren’t usually as bad as real life failure. Sporting failure, with real people, that sucks.

7) Next post

8) Now we are getting into the ugly parts of this meme. However this isn’t a gender based argument. I’ve gone through a lot of that at Uni.

9) Bingo. Here we go. This is fascinating. Not one hint of irony. Video games, like most Western dominant media forms, do not teach the difference between  good and evil, they force it upon you. Video games often have already isolated what is ‘evil’ for you, and set you up to destroy it. Otherwise you lose. There is no choice in the matter, evil has been set up and it is up to you to maim  it into submission, until Game Over, Achievement Unlocked. Scarcely ever are we asked to investigate why you are killing  these ‘evil’ things. They’re just evil. Perhaps they are evil because they shoot at you. Funny that coming from the individual who is not permitted by the game to stop shooting them until there is none of them left. And this individual is known as the ‘good guy.’ I’m the good guy that murders hundreds of ‘evil’ creatures because they apparently want to murder hundreds of good guys. Sounds like the American Army. That’s right, I went there. With no hint of irony.

10) But behold my pathetic mortality. After I write this I will find myself slumped in my bean bag, nailing some sick head shots and artistically whittling the enemy clumps down on the hardest setting. The white X-box will hum as if it hates it’s job. It is fun. I enjoy it. I would love to spring up multiplayer battles with my friends again but they think it’s uncool now and would rather get plastered and limp into town. Probably because they know I would destroy them, as I used to when we were all 14. They were good times.

Confused? Well in negotiating there is no answer. It remains unresolved.