If I want sci-fi to surprise me, then how come I chose my alien to be so damn generic looking? 

It’s because I owe an apology to the generic bad guy alien. I killed him a million times without hearing his side of the story. Generally, even in modern movies like The Avengers or Cowboys vs Aliens I find myself thinking, ‘I wonder how many rounds of Halo Combat Evolved Assault Rifle it would take to kill that sucker? Would I have to use my rad burst fire skills or just let rip? Would Gears of Wars Lancer work better? I know the Spartan Laser would fuck him up but its charge time would be too slow!” Then I’d think, “What the hell is wrong with me? I’m seriously messed up. I need help.”

Atacama the Alien is that help. He exists in an ultra generic alien body because that is the character mould I need help with. I feel the need to question why I have killed him so much. I personally believe killing aliens is poorly disguised racism. The Avengers is just ridiculous in this respect. It practically says “If we had another shot at 9/11 this is how it should have gone.” That isn’t supposed to be a joke, it isn’t funny. Real people died. The Avengers was an American revenge fantasy. Or should I say, ‘avenge’ fantasy. When it comes to American shit like that I just don’t even have the strength. It’s a paranoid tide that will never recede.

So I will quietly build my sandcastle somewhere. In my work, all ‘evil’ is questioned. Atacama will get his shot to prove to be something better than a voodoo doll for all our fears and hates, other cultures, other races, and my Halo Combat Evolved Assault Rifle pins will not hurt him.