In Hector’s travels he meets many aliens. After having his mind blown at just their existence he begins to try and understand what they are like.

How difficult can it be to deduce what these aliens are like? In sci-fi a race of aliens usually have an agenda, or are at least pretty similar. Warlike and destructive. Scientific and wise. That sort of thing. What are the flappy eared lizards like?

Out of the corner of his eye he sees one walk into his or her house and close the door.

The lizard farmer he saw was born as the youngest of three brothers. He learnt to be resourceful to avoid being bullied by his eldest brother but never feared his middle brother because he was placid. His father farmed the largest plot of land in the village and was respected for his kindness and work ethic. Despite his father’s success this lizard never had any interest in farming. His middle brother took over the land. He was interested in landscaping, and began building stone terraces and walls with some industrious folk in a village to the north. He was tenacious and ambitious with his landscaping work and often preferred to work on rugged steep sites a long way from sleepy villages. One day the site he was managing was ambushed by a group of rogue teenage bandits of another race. They were fiery orange and black feathered bird creatures with nothing to do but destroy for the sake of it. He watched them beat his workers with sticks in a frenzy. The bird creatures had underestimated how weak lizard folk really are and fled in a panic once they realized their blows had killed. All the knowledge from time spent hiding from his angry, bullying older brother as a child had kept this lizard man alive. 5 messed up minutes had broken the tenacious and outgoing spirit built up over a lifetime. He stumbled home, a long way for a cold blooded individual. He closed and locked his door. He was and still is the only lizard in the village to lock his door at night.

The next morning he bravely approached the beast who had moved in uninvited to an old power station opposite the village’s main road. After a negotiation of price the  beast set of hunting for birds. The lizard waited. At sunset the beast returned with two bruised and frightened teenage bird creatures. They were squirming helplessly against the iron grip of the beasts armor plated arms. The beast dragged them to the lizards tired feet, making them kneel. The beast had its tail raised like a broadsword, ready to descend in quick execution. The birds had tears running down the edge of their beaks. The lizard simply had to give the word. After five minutes the lizard signaled to let the birds go. He paid the beast, who was visibly disappointed and who stormed off, as he usually does. After the briefest of eye contact the teary eyed birds sprinted off. The lizard simply returned home and locked his door. He felt proud to have been merciful but foolish to have wasted that money.

That lizard was just one of several hundred million, and Hector saw him for 4 seconds. Can Hector really hope to deduce what these aliens are like as a whole?