In Hector’s travels he finds himself on an alien world. This post will go a little deeper into this world without spoiling the next comic issue (which isn’t far away).

The first thing of note about this alien planet is that it is extremely dull to look at. There is no unobtainium floating rocks, crystal cities, imperial walkers, dragons, ice giants or immensely attractive alien (although humanly curved) babes. No one has three tits either. I liken this worlds appearance to the patches of dirt and scraggly foliage which live on the sides of motorways. The climate is cold in the poles and warmish around the equator. There’s wind, sometimes rain. It has a salty sea. Its clouds are, well, clouds.

The reason for the dullness is as follows. The universe is made of very finite building blocks. They don’t vary that much. Electrons and protons would be the same wherever they are in the universe. So all the building blocks that make up our planet would be the same whilst forming another planet. So I deduce that a real alien world would be disappointingly similar to ours, if not identical.

So all the life forms that cling to that alien world for survival would be dealing with the same obstacles life on earth faces. Temperature, weather, sea water, rock, sunlight, etc. So I deduce that alien life would develop the same systems we have because they would be up against the same problems. Systems such as bones, muscles, nerves and brains. This is me defending why my aliens look so much like humans. Hey, at least I thought about it, and they don’t miraculously speak in American accents.

But they do speak English. Why? The plot thickens! All will be revealed…..