At last another university year is done and dusted. Not at last as in ‘thank god its over’, at last as in ‘that was hard work and I’m glad it’s done’. I enjoyed this university year very much. However nothing compares to what is about to begin…

Comic time! Or at least no uni work to do at the same time as comics. I see creative spark to be very much like a substance which has quantity, like crude oil or chocolate sauce. A steady flow of creative spark trickles forth from me like a creek. This creek becomes split into two. One flows into the Uni mill, and the other flows into the comic mill. What happens is that the Uni mill demands higher production, and all the creek is diverted to them. The comic mill can begin turning, but at the expense of the Uni mill. Both mills can only reach a maximum of 50% productivity if turning at the same time, which isn’t good for either. Lost? So am I. Metaphor over. Next paragraph please….

Comic time! The third issue of Hector and Atacama’s story is done and I have bumper time to begin the fourth. Also, the 5 week gaps between posts should narrow. Well at least a little bit.