I am currently three quarters of the way through my university year. It takes a lot of my time but I enjoy it. However my comic producing ability certainly suffers. Often I go for whole 6 week blocks without touching my comic books. For a large ongoing project like The Big Bad Wolf it caused a lot of distress. I hated having it lying around unfinished for so long. University became something I felt was holding me back rather than creating opportunities. First Year also sucked immensely but that’s another story.

I was more careful when beginning the new comic books (the series is still unnamed – mainly because I want more of it done before I make it a thing. 2 issues are not a series). To keep my sanity I thought of making it in small self contained issues. I have a hell of a lot more story sussed out, but I don’t have to worry about it being a slow unfinished massive project. I’m building it up in a lot of small, mini projects. It feels great finishing an issue and just relaxing because there is nothing unfinished.

In the last six weeks it has been uni non stop. Unluckily it won’t ease up in the next 8 either. No comics have been done.

However during uni my workbooks become full of ideas for my comics. Quotes, conversations, drawings and future issue plans litter the back pages. I have to tear all of it out before I hand my workbooks in, usually halving their thickness. Sometimes I leave stuff in accidentally and probably confuse my tutor. “Carston Holler creates slides at the Tate gallery in London blah blah Atacama says to Hector – What the f*** is a charmeleon? Hector replies – it’s a pokemon with a pointy head like yours. Atacama – What the f*** is a pokemon?” It probably makes his day.

So what brews in the massive blocks of uni is a perfect storm of awesome stuff (and complete rubbish) to furiously draw up when I have the time. After 6 weeks I feel really keen to begin comics again. 2 weeks of uni break have begun today! I hope to get the third issue, Breakdown, out soon.