Welcome to the cjdrcomics blog. A quick introduction: my name is Callum Robertson, I’m 20 and currently studying a Fine Arts degree at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. In my spare time I am a writer and illustrator of comics and graphic novels. I started when I was 13 and haven’t come close to stopping yet.

With this blog I hope to have fun posting my comics and thoughts around them up for more people to enjoy easily. I am not a professional illustrator but hope one day to make something out of my work.

A little introduction to the work: The Big Bad Wolf is a self contained graphic novel I completed at High School. It is entirely pencil drawing except the cover which is watercolour.

An Alien Arrives and Atacama are two issues of a much larger series. They are pen and ink. A third issue, Breakdown, is currently being made and will experiment with more mixed media.

I have nothing against Photoshop, it is really useful for touching up and formatting for print, but there is just something magic about the work flowing directly out of the hands.